Rosie Pink … a great color for either day or evening

IMG_3235The Roseate Spoonbills appear just about every morning and evening nowadays, individually and in groups. They are so stunning!IMG_3246Birders and photographers often wait endlessly for them to take off (or at least flap their wings for effect) so we can ‘capture’ a great shot of them in flight. But I think sometimes that they just stand there on purpose πŸ˜‰

IMG_3247IMG_3255They’re undoubtedly posing, so we can see all their best sides!IMG_3244Occasionally, they find time to fit in a little Yoga practice πŸ˜‰IMG_3254And, of course, they want to be sure we also get a good look at the special design of their Spoonbill.


If you time it just right, shortly before a glorious pink sunset, you can watch them fly in and hang out on the old snag for awhile before they fly off to roost.Β Curiously, no one seems to know where our Spoonbills actually roost at night, or where the closest nesting spot is.

I wonder where under those beautiful Rosie skies they sleep . . . .??

20 thoughts on “Rosie Pink … a great color for either day or evening

    • We do have exceptional sunsets here, Donna. I’ve often seen one or 2-3 Spoonbills together in the tree, or several different species sharing the snag at once. But this was quite an exclusive Spoonie group!


  1. Stunning pictures! Would love to see a Spoonbill one day, they seem to be fascinating birds to watch. Also love the sky pictures.. such a brilliant hue of pink.

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