Alone time with the Purple Gallinules

IMG_2587They have always one of my favorite birds . . .

IMG_2885The stunning Purple Gallinules shimmered in the light of my flash on a recent early evening, but my presence didn’t seem to bother them one bit.

IMG_2892There were no people anywhere around, just the Purple Gallinules and me.  I spent many special moments alone with these beauties as they climbed about in the Fireflag plants, munching on those yummy purple blossoms.  

I love times like this!

12 thoughts on “Alone time with the Purple Gallinules

    • When I first started coming to Florida I thought the same thing, Jet. But I’ve since learned how common the Purple Gallinules are in our area, and how visible they are from the walking paths at times of year when certain their favorite plants are in season. We are so lucky!!

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