A curiously subdued Tri-colored Heron

Unlike other herons and egrets, who often move slowly and stealthily, the Tri-colored Herons are almost always in constant motion. They fly quickly from one place to another, seemingly in a hurry to do some something important, or they dart about in the ponds, flitting from one spot to another, jumping up and spinning about when they spot just the right tasty fish.IMG_3214But not this guy! I was taken aback with how he stood stock still, staring into the water like this for the longest time!IMG_3217Many minutes passed before he even lifted his head, just a tiny little bit. Then he continued sitting and staring into the water, that spear-like beak poised, ready to strike some unsuspecting fish.IMG_3220Finally, after many more long minutes, this exceedingly calm Tri-colored Heron raised his head till he was upright . . . . He had still not caught a single morsel to eat. Much to my surprise, he just stood there in the reeds.  It seemed that he was continuing to wait – on the off-chance that a yummy fish might swim by.IMG_3222Then at last, as quietly and placidly as could be, he simply strode off . . . . maybe he wasn’t that hungry, but I never saw such subdued behavior in a Tri-colored Heron!

14 thoughts on “A curiously subdued Tri-colored Heron

    • It’s so interesting how birds are in different locations. We have so many tricolored Heron of all ages and all our wetland preserves And they are used to people walking by – they often stand right on the boardwalk railings as people pass by. You could practically reach out and touch them!


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