Sunrise. . . getting up with the birds


Great Egret

The glow of the sky at sunrise looks so lovely behind the birds as we all (the birds and I!) begin our day.



On the first several tree islands, each bird appears as a silhouette, as I walk toward them facing east..


Fish Crow

A lone Fish Crow rests in the crook of the tree branches as the minutes pass and the world grows a little bit lighter – it’s not yet 7 am.


Great Egret

A Great Egret glides across the sky and stretches in the tree tops, touched by the soft golden pink early sunlight.


Great Blue Heron

By the time I’ve walked a quarter of the way around the boardwalk, the sun is bright enough to highlight the purple and yellow blossoms on the shoreline where this Great Blue Heron is wading.

No matter how tired I might be, it’s always worth it to leave the house in time to experience all of this!

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