15 thoughts on “Another first!

  1. How interesting that a raptor would feed on snails as a peculiar food, though it is interesting that our Wedge-tailed Eagle is known to eat a greater volume of insects than any of our small purley insectivorous birds. Wildlife with peculiar dietary requirements presents a problem for many wildlife species, due to diminished habitat. We have the same problem here with our Regent Honeyeater and our White-tailed Black Cockatoo which are both critically endangered.

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  2. The NPS article is a good one that shows the numerous factors that greatly influence this most unusual and beautiful flyer. Thank’s for the great “rain” shot, too, BJ!

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    • Yes, there is such a delicate balance in nature to keep these factors all working well so the Kites can thrive. I was told that there are special protective ‘cells’ in the marsh at our Refuge where they are raising native Apple Snail eggs.


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