Another first!


Snail Kite in the rain

The same drizzly morning that I saw my first Smooth-billed Ani, I also photographed my first Snail Kite! These birds have been hard to find in recent years, due to the diminishing Apple Snail population.

15 thoughts on “Another first!

  1. How interesting that a raptor would feed on snails as a peculiar food, though it is interesting that our Wedge-tailed Eagle is known to eat a greater volume of insects than any of our small purley insectivorous birds. Wildlife with peculiar dietary requirements presents a problem for many wildlife species, due to diminished habitat. We have the same problem here with our Regent Honeyeater and our White-tailed Black Cockatoo which are both critically endangered.

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  2. The NPS article is a good one that shows the numerous factors that greatly influence this most unusual and beautiful flyer. Thank’s for the great “rain” shot, too, BJ!

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    • Yes, there is such a delicate balance in nature to keep these factors all working well so the Kites can thrive. I was told that there are special protective ‘cells’ in the marsh at our Refuge where they are raising native Apple Snail eggs.


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