Wonders ~

Sometimes a seemingly ‘random’ collection of photos doesn’t really ‘tell a story’, but I want to post them as a tribute to the wonders of nature all around me. Maybe the ‘story’ is a reminder to be thankful and never to take this beauty for granted.


Male Red-winged Blackbird

These little wonders also make me think of one of my favorite Tehillim, Psalm 104.


Swamp Hibiscus


Purple Gallinule

24  How great are Your works, HaShem. You have made them all with wisdom; the earth is full of Your possessions! (Tehillim/Psalms 104:24)


Blue Morning Glory




15 thoughts on “Wonders ~

  1. It makes me feel better when I read that somebody praises Nature because it actually acknowledges the presence of Hashem… Nature’s creator. Baruch Hashem. Thank you Carol! 🙂

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