In every walk with nature . . .

FullSizeRenderMy daughter and her boyfriend sent us this very special postcard [above] from their recent visit to the Muir Woods in California. I love the wonderful quote from John Muir, which reminded me why he was such a hero of mine years ago:

“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than one seeks.”IMG_7461 Reading about John Muir‘s travels and his passion for the natural world had a major impact on me in my adolescence and young adulthood.IMG_7456 Since I now live in Florida, their postcard prompted me to read about Muir’s initial impressions of Florida:

“Everything in earth and sky had an impression of strangeness; not a mark of friendly recognition, not a breath, not a spirit whisper of sympathy came from anything about me . . .”  (Chapter 5, A Thousand Mile Walk to the Gulf).

But once Muir ventured further, he wrote beautifully of his gratitude for the ‘strange’ delights that abound in our wonderful Marshes and Cypress forests:

“…strange plants, strange winds blowing gently, whispering, cooing, in a language I never learned, and strange birds also, everything solid or spiritual full of influences that I never before felt, yet I thank the Lord with all my heart for his goodness in granting me admission to this magnificent realm.”  (Chapter 5, A Thousand Mile Walk to the Gulf).

26 thoughts on “In every walk with nature . . .

  1. Lovely photos and quotes. I live in Australia, and some years ago we visited Muir Woods when we were in California. A walk through those woods were one of the highlights of my life.

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  2. The fog and redwoods and Sierras of California are so different than the humid marshy landscapes of Florida, I’m sure it must have been very strange for John Muir at first. I really enjoyed this thought-provoking post, BJ, and the beauty that abounds in all of nature.

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  3. Thank you, just what I needed to read today BJ. Still recovery from surgery, walking outdoors a little with a walker, but my mind does not take in nature, it focuses on thoughts of two of my sisters (One younger and the other my twin.) They were diagnosed with cancer last week. My younger sister pancreatic cancer and my twin, lymphoma. It’s hard to believe how life can change so fast with the dreaded “C” disease.

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    • I’m glad my post was a good diversion for you, Connie. I’m sorry to hear about your sisters’ diagnoses, though I am glad to hear that you are recovering and getting outside a bit.
      Enjoy every moment from that beautiful window view you have β˜€οΈ


      • I so much will, thank you. I had a dove and two sparrows looking in my window then pecking on the glass as though they wanted to be invited into my world. ☺️


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