A pair of Red-shouldered Hawks . . . or not.

Red-shouldered Hawks are quite common year-round here in southeast Florida. The distinctive reddish patch on the shoulder is not always readily visible from a distance, but is quite easily seen in both of these birds.img_7456This time of year is when courting and nest building begins. Red-shouldered Hawks form pairs and return to the same nesting area and territory annually, often even ‘refurbishing’ the same nest year after year (Birds of Prey of the South Field Guide, p. 117).img_7460These two were swooping overhead and repeatedly landing together in the branches of this heavily wooded area – very possibly a prelude to the ‘sky-dance’ behavior they display when mating. (All About Birds/Red-shouldered Hawk). But who knows?  Poor fellow, this one looked rather forlorn when the other one flew off.

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