Determined Purple Gallinule

I nearly walked right past this pretty Purple Gallinule the other evening, but my husband caught sight of him peeking out from behind this Fireflag plant.P1020709What a treat! As we stood nearby on the boardwalk the Gallinule clambered up and down the narrow stalks to get at the tasty purple Fireflag flowers. He was no more than 2-3 feet away – we could have easily reached out and touched him!P1020712Upside down and backwards works, too – whatever it takes to get at the core of those yummy blossoms.

My husband suggested, “Why not take a video?”  Good idea! This short clip gives you a feel for our lovely wetlands, and a sense of the eagerness with which this Purple Gallinule chomped away on his evening snack!

19 thoughts on “Determined Purple Gallinule

    • Green Cay Wetlands in Delray Beach Florida. The bird you saw reminds me even more of our non-native Purple Swamphens, which are bulkier and less graceful, and have pink legs versus the Purple Gallinule’s yellow legs. The Swamphens dig up the roots of plants and make quite a mess, whereas the Purple Gallinules clamber gracefully up the narrow reeds, and step genteelly across the broad leaves on the water. The coloring of the beak is different as well. We have many here now, and people often mistake them for Purple Gallinules.


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