Cattle Egrets at their finest

Cattle Egrets are generally rather non-descript little egrets, but their color transformation at this time of year is astonishing!Most remarkable is the way their plain orange-y beaks turn a striking, deep reddish-orange, with vivid purple lores around their eyes!The Cattle Egret’s breeding plumage also highlights their beautiful peach feathers, and they often appear to be wearing spiked topknots ;-DTheir legs and feet even change from black to a dramatic orange! To see what they look like during the rest of the year, and to learn more about Cattle Egrets, check out this info on All About Birds.

20 thoughts on “Cattle Egrets at their finest

  1. You did a fantastic job of highlighting the changes, BJ. While I have seen the cattle egret’s breeding plumage, I never realized the bill color changes to that beautiful fiery red, and purple lores.

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  2. Great post. We have these little guys all over in Clearwater. I love watching them. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely be looking for the color changes now. Thanks for sharing.

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