The appeal of the BBWD’s

Black-bellied Whistling Ducks (BBWD’s) are found year-round in parts of Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Mexico, and South and Central America, and are known to breed mostly in coastal Texas (All About Birds).IMG_9814But we happen to be lucky to have many breeding pairs of these charming ducks here in Palm Beach County, Florida every year!IMG_9807 They are so photogenic with their beautiful coloring, bright orange beaks and feet, and their sentry-like upright posture.  IMG_9620They often make their presence known by repeatedly circling the wetlands in groups, whistling their distinctive call, “a soft, high whistle with a long first note and several following notes.” (All About Birds). Always worth a look upward!

I’ve written about the irresistible Black-bellied Whistling Ducks numerous times here on Birder’s Journey – see my previous posts to learn more.

7 thoughts on “The appeal of the BBWD’s

  1. Thanks for sharing this black-bellied whistler BJ, I have not seen this one. We have the plumed whistler in Aus, and it is always a thrill to hear their whistle especially when they are in flight. Have a truly blessed new year!

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