The appeal of the BBWD’s

Black-bellied Whistling Ducks (BBWD’s) are found year-round in parts of Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Mexico, and South and Central America, and are known to breed mostly in coastal Texas (All About Birds).IMG_9814But we happen to be lucky to have many breeding pairs of these charming ducks here in Palm Beach County, Florida every year!IMG_9807 They are so photogenic with their beautiful coloring, bright orange beaks and feet, and their sentry-like upright posture.  IMG_9620They often make their presence known by repeatedly circling the wetlands in groups, whistling their distinctive call, “a soft, high whistle with a long first note and several following notes.” (All About Birds). Always worth a look upward!

I’ve written about the irresistible Black-bellied Whistling Ducks numerous times here on Birder’s Journey – see my previous posts to learn more.

9 thoughts on “The appeal of the BBWD’s

  1. Thanks for sharing this black-bellied whistler BJ, I have not seen this one. We have the plumed whistler in Aus, and it is always a thrill to hear their whistle especially when they are in flight. Have a truly blessed new year!

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  2. I saw a pair of ducks in Terrell Texas that look very similar to this bird, but did not have the grey on the head. they are medium to small in size, but are definitely ducks. They have long slender necks, rust breast, and belly, black wings, white tips on edges of the wings, and a fire orange beak. the coloring of the birds is almost identical to ferruginous ducks. however, from pictures of ferrunginous ducks, the necks on my Terrell ducks are much more slender, and the beak color is wrong. does anyone have an idea of what the ducks I saw could be?

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