‘Standing stock still . . . ‘

fullsizeoutput_2f64I love the American Bittern – what a curiously unique member of the heron family! fullsizeoutput_2f68This large Bittern has been aptly described as stout, streaked, solitary, and, most definitely, secretive and stealthy. fullsizeoutput_2f66The elusive American Bitterns are often very difficult to spot, but this one was quite accommodating and stayed out in the open for quite some time before he slipped back into the reeds.

If you want to see one, the folks at All About Birds recommend scanning a freshwater marsh with binoculars and, “If you’re lucky, a patch of dry reeds will suddenly morph into a bittern standing stock still.” 😉

19 thoughts on “‘Standing stock still . . . ‘

  1. You’re very fortunate to have captured these shots, Carol. They are very shy birds who know the art of camouflage. Just for the record, what location is this marsh? 🙂

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