Young Rosies out for a leisurely breakfast

fullsizeoutput_30d2This pair of young Roseate Spoonbills looked quite relaxed as they strolled through the marsh at Merritt Island NWR. These unique pink wading birds use their spatula-shaped bills for foraging in the shallow water, catching their prey by calls Roseate Spoonbills “Gorgeous at a distance and bizarre up close.” The young Rosies are distinguished from older adults by their pale pink plumage and white feathered heads. As adults, they will become quite brilliant to behold, with deep pink shoulder plumage, vivid red eyes, and a dark line outlining their partially bald, pale yellow heads (All About Birds).

24 thoughts on “Young Rosies out for a leisurely breakfast

  1. It’s obvious that lacks good taste for beautiful birds… Your pictures are gorgeous, just like your subjects. Good work Carol. 🙂

    • Lol. I just this minute looked at all your recent Florida trip photos. They’re sensational – such excellent collections of shots in every post! We live a couple of hours south of Merritt Island, but we’re just there this weekend.

  2. I’ve only got to experience these beautiful birds twice during Florida trips. If I could see them every day, I am positive I could never tire of them! So unique and who doesn’t love a bird in pink!

  3. What beautiful photos! The ‘rosies’, such a sweet name, a loving name for them. I love the reflections…double the pleasure. Lovely feathered-ones.

    • Thank you, Jet! So nice to hear from you! ☺️ Here is is nearly June, this late January post was my last post. You inspire me to get back to my blog . . . I’ve never been away nearly this long!

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