Pura Vida~ Beautiful Costa Rica

We started our visit to Costa Rica in the southern coastal region near Manuel Antonio National Park (view from our room), after which we travelled north to Lake Arenal, below, where we visited friends.Although we traveled quite extensively in our brief 6-day visit, one of my favorite spots was Arenal Observatory Lodge with its lush, scenic views right at the base of the Arenal Volcano.img_6194Costa Rica is rich in biodiversity and a leader in environmental conservation, boasting a system of Reserves and National Parks that cover over 26% of its land area (Embassy of Costa Rica). This small country is home to about 903 species of birds! Click on photos below to identify a few of the birds we saw at the Arenal Observatory Lodge Deck and nearby.

27 thoughts on “Pura Vida~ Beautiful Costa Rica

    • Thank you, Sue! I thought I had made the bird names show up as captions, but I guess it didn’t work 😏. The names are only in my tag list.
      We saw countless birds, but interestingly, not hummingbirds – tho we saw many hummingbirds when we were in Panama.


  1. I really enjoyed this look at the Arenal and the birds of Costa Rica, BJ. Costa Rica is such a bird-rich country and a very pleasant place to visit. Your bird photos were a real treat. Although I clicked on the images I wasn’t able to get the bird names, perhaps I did something wrong. Great array of beauty and wonder here, thank you.

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    • Thanks so much for your visit, Jet! The people are wonderful and the countryside is so beautiful!
      I’m not sure what went wrong with the captions on the images. But I also noticed that once it was posted they did not appear… Not sure why. Another little WP mystery🤔

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