More iPhone pics of our travels in Costa Rica

We left the rainforest at Arenal Observatory Lodge and headed for the Pacific Ocean beaches for a few days. Enjoyed a quiet morning beach and sunset at Playa Carillo.Next we drove through the countryside and over the mountains – Coffee country!Our last stop was this incredible oasis a short distance from the airport, Hotel Bougainvillea, with its 10-acres of botanic gardens!I couldn’t get over how the creaking bamboo by the pool on this clear sunny morning sounded like a gentle rain.

Birds were plentiful in these tranquil gardens! I caught a video clip of this curious little Rufous-backed Wren.

13 thoughts on “More iPhone pics of our travels in Costa Rica

  1. Fantastic photos of the overview and gardens, BJ. I enjoyed both videos, the bamboo sounds were wonderful. And the wren was fun to watch, espec. when he or she watched the butterfly flutter by. I have been to the Bougainvillea Hotel, it’s so conveniently close to the airport and yet remains a tropical haven. Thanks for sharing your dreamy vacation, I have enjoyed the posts.

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    • So glad to hear that you’ve also enjoyed the lovely Bougainvillea Hotel, Jet – it really is a little treasure so close to the airport. I’d surely stay there again any time we might return to Costa Rica! πŸ‡¨πŸ‡·

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