Sweet little Bananaquits~!

2E9F9EE8-2B1B-4E15-8604-5D53B36A51CD_1_201_aBananaquits are unique, busy little birds.  Their classification is debated and it is now generally agreed that the Bananaquit belongs to its own family (FatBirder). We saw them often, forgaging among the shrubbery for flower nectar, fruits, and insects (Birds of Costa Rica, p. 324).A95B3470-3185-4091-ACDF-20D9A4E2D977_1_201_aThese common residents of Costa Rica were frequent visitors to the gardens next to the Arenal Observatory Lodge.  The tiny (2.5-4″) Bananaquits added a real bright spot to overcast mornings in the shadows of the cloud-covered Arenal Volcano!


25 thoughts on “Sweet little Bananaquits~!

    • Yes! They are reminiscent of honeycreepers / I saw at red-legged honeycreeper at this same spot last year. And the bananaquits do have that sharp little down-turned beak – good for sipping nectar, I guess. ☺️


  1. Bananaquits are so beautiful and cheerful, wonderful to see them. One of my favorite things (there are many) about CR is seeing so many bananquits. I believe the plant is purple porterweed, in the Verbena family. Lovely photos, BJ.

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    • It’s always such a delight to hear from you, Jet☺️. Thank you for the info on the purple porterweed … I didn’t recall what our guide told us about those lovely plants, but they were also a haven for SO many hummingbirds!!

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