Drizzly breakfast at Arenal Observatory Lodge

The Arenal Lodge provides fresh fruit pieces two or three times a day for the local birds to enjoy – but not TOO much or TOO often, lest birds become dependent on ‘hand-outs’. 2B343B23-E2BA-4B25-AA92-C9771552230F_1_201_aThis male Yellow-throated Euphonia and his friends were looking a little forlorn at first when they didn’t see any treats laid out for them in the early morning rain. 4B0C756A-28F8-44EB-84A1-D7BA9734DE0E_1_201_aThe Palm Tanager above and the striking little Emerald Tanager below arrived in time for the remains of some melons…worth the effort in the drizzle. 😋D17D82ED-391E-4503-B56E-80DD8BE6EEC0_1_201_a388FB2AC-F59E-4322-887B-9126DDD21216Blue-gray Tanagers were plentiful everywhere at Arenal Lodge, and even the Black-cheeked Woodpecker pecked away at the juicy treats.0C7DEC58-3B27-45F6-8AF7-8F9D468CCEA6_1_201_aDAB6DD1A-B950-4648-A9FB-52C5458D0C5F_1_201_aThis chubby female Green Honeycreeper above and the Clay-colored Thrush below joined their feathered friends before too long for the leftovers.F6B21A87-E903-42A2-A81B-2FDB1C3F0CE3_1_201_a5871A727-A154-4324-9DCC-37678C973A2E_1_201_aIt was really starting to feel very overcast by the time we saw this Brown Jay above, and the lighting was so poor when the Aracaris (below) arrived, their vivid colors looked rather drab unfortunately.0DF28340-EF98-4645-AB8D-51A62CE77506B0721879-1016-4A5D-9690-822409C6E071_1_201_aSaving the big guys till last . . . Female Great Curassow in the center above, and behind her in the upper left, a Crested Guan is almost out of view.D0AFA11D-7E89-4BE5-A9A0-42722EBA79C4_1_201_aLast but not least, the noisy Montezuma Orapendulas were also frequent visitors. 261A14E3-46AE-47E2-A949-2BDBA8609875_1_201_aWe saw and heard the Orapendulas everywhere . . .  I’m re-posting an image below that I took of one of their remarkable hanging nests!image_1a691e13-6fe1-4a96-963b-3efa62730273.img_1029

20 thoughts on “Drizzly breakfast at Arenal Observatory Lodge

    • Thank you, Donna. They were almost all new to me too. We’d been to Panama and to Costa Rica once before, but our guide Christian was a master at pointing out and telling us about every bird we saw….I had to use my field guide as a refresher for this post – hope I got all the names right!

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  1. Looks like paradise! Thanks for sharing those beautiful photos of gorgeous birds. A true learning experience for me as I haven’t had the privilege of travelling there. Thanks! William — “What a wildly wonderful world, God! You made it all, with Wisdom at Your side, made earth overflow with your wonderful creations.” Psalms 104 The Message

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    • Thank you, Pam! I only wish I’d gotten better quality shots, as these birds and the many others we saw, are just fabulous. I was reminded that the rainforest does tend to have rain, drizzle, or at least be overcast sometimes!

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  2. These are great friends of mine from previous trips to Central A. and oh my, I can never get enough of the endless avian beauties who populate CR. Your photos are terrific and this post was a fantastic highlight to my day, and it’s not even light out yet. I have heard of the Arenal Observatory Lodge from traveling birders; and often thought if I returned to CR, I would check it out. I looked at their website and it looks wonderful. Were the resident guides excellent? Did you have a great time here? Thanks so much, BJ, for this colorful array of delightful photos and descriptions. I see bananaquits were the previous post, I’ll go explore more of your delights.

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    • Your enthusiasm about Costa Rica is palpable in your words!🇨🇷 Yes, this was our second trip and I absolutely loved it. We’d been at Arenal Observatory Lodge just for the afternoon last year, so I knew right away I wanted to stay there this time – we were there 3 nights. A terrific young man named Christian led a 2+ hour walk all around the grounds (free for lodge guests) on our first morning, and we also had Christian give us a private birding walk from 6:30-8:30 am the next day. He’s incredible – amazingly knowledgeable. I couldn’t ask for a better experience! Highly recommended 😎


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