Before the pandemic

One of our favorite places to bird is the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary in southwest Florida. It was the last place we visited just before the pandemic – Who knew~!?!?!9A800017-EF82-4B98-933F-EDB151523E8D_1_201_aThe Red-Shouldered Hawks were making a lot of noise overhead near the entrance, and the baby American Alligators were as quiet as can be back in the swamp ☺️.AAD8451D-04B3-41C1-983F-11F930B333EF_1_201_a3A363901-400E-4BAF-9842-67441FE89DEC_1_201_aBut one of the best things about that last visit was this cool bumper sticker that I bought for my new car!!

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    • Oooh, I’m so glad you told me about that, Pam. We’ve been to the Shell Museum before – it’s really a unique and wonderful place! But I had no idea that they have a live shell aquarium. I always find it fascinating to see images of the mollusks who actually create and make these amazing structures as their homes.


      • I have missed you and your posts. I hope all’s well! Yes, I was planning on going there literally in two days last March and they closed it because of the virus.

        Yes, we’ve traveled some more. We were in Orange Beach, AL, for a scheduled month in Oct/Nov and Hurricane Eta was bee-lining for us so we evacuated after five days there. We headed to Port Charlotte in hopes of being safer and endured TS Zeta a week or so later that made landfall about 80 miles north of us. It was not fun rocking in a motorhome, lol. We went home as scheduled before Thanksgiving. Then decided to cancel the big family dinner and then subsequently our Christmas dinner gathering. Soooooo…..(I haven’t mentioned this yet in my blog), we left Maryland just before the northeast snow storm and just arrived back to Everglades City for the winter. Birds, palm trees, and warm breezes, yay! Although I am going to miss being home with the grandboys for Christmas (we will do lots of video chats), I am once again a happy camper! 🙂

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