Two kinds of birdwatchers . . .

When I go for a walk in one of our natural areas with someone who’s never gone birding before, they’re usually awed by the beauty and diversity of our avian friends. So I always share with them this line by Jonathan Rosen, writer, editor, and birder, from his wonderful book, Life of the Skies: Birding at the End of Nature (2008):

“Everyone is a birdwatcher, but there are two kinds of birdwatchers: those who know what they are and those who haven’t yet realized it.”  ☺️

31 thoughts on “Two kinds of birdwatchers . . .

  1. For the longest time I think I was of the latter variety. It was really only when I became more serious about photography that I discovered a love of photographing birds, which led to a love of birds and a desire to learn more about them. So now I often shoot with multiple purposes, both to document the species and any behaviors I can see, and in an attempt to create something beautiful and artistic. I love how photography has enabled all of this. Thanks for the quote. 🙂


    • Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts about ‘evolving’ as a birder, Todd. The entire book by Jonathan Rosen, from which this quote is taken, is a great story of his path along this journey, too. Have a beautiful day – I look forward to your beautiful photos!


  2. Well put BJ, a great saying, and a lovely reflective photo. It is always a thrill to take friends on a bird walk with us, likewise we find them enjoying and experiencing nature with new eyes, but by the time they return they always are excited to share how they were amazed at how they did not see or realise what was there that they had not noticed, but for us showing them. Most of our friends laughingly share how spending time with us has made them interested in birds and how they now notice birds like never before. Blessings and Comfort my friend.

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  3. All through my life, I’ve been inclined to Art and Photography. However, when I moved to Georgia 14 years ago from NJ, I fell in love with birds ever since. I do not photograph birds only but observe them and have a great deal of love and respect for them. Thank you, Carol for your post. it brought me food for thought. 🙂 ❤️

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