Hmmm, let’s see ….What’s for breakfast?

696C8882-06F6-4DE9-A226-B49618088CB2_1_201_a“Whether wheeling over a swamp forest or whistling plaintively from a riverine park, a Red-shouldered Hawk is typically a sign of tall woods and water.”  (All About Birds-Red-Shouldered Hawk). This handsome Hawk was definitely in his element.

He was perched high up in a tree on the edge of the forest surrounding the beautiful marshy ponds of the Orlando Wetlands46FFFD94-7BC7-41CE-B87C-9D59FACE5DFC_1_201_aHe had a commanding view – overlooking this 1200+ acre wetlands ecosystem. Great vantage point for spotting a tasty breakfast.

Orlando Wetlandsis a man-made wetland designed to provide advanced treatment for reclaimed water from the City of Orlando and other local cities.” It’s also a perfect spot for hiking, wildlife viewing, and birding!!F80A6774-D935-413B-BF9A-1E38FAF3CAAD_1_201_aThe Red-Shouldered Hawk‘s diet consists of small amphibians, reptiles, and snakes, as well as small mammals such as mice, voles, chipmunks, and even small birds.A2979FAE-D3D8-4CCF-A6EE-0540AC559B17_1_201_aAfter thoroughly surveying the ponds and open trails for the longest time, the Hawk suddenly turned around and flew back into the woods. Apparently he was more in the mood for forest creatures than pond life on this particular morning.☺️

For more on how this ecosystem operates, this beautifully filmed 6-7 minute video details the remarkable workings of these invaluable constructed wetlands: Orlando Wetlands Cleans Our Water.

35 thoughts on “Hmmm, let’s see ….What’s for breakfast?

  1. Beautiful birds, always a delight to see. I’m curious, was this one favoring one leg over the other? Is it common for them to rest on one leg with the other raised? I see it using both, so if it were injured it can’t be injured that bad.

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  2. A truly magnificent specimen Donna. The Orlando water treatment project is very well designed. Our cities could learn from them as our cities are filling with migrants but lacking future infrastructure to cope in the future. Many of our local councils are starting to see the value of transforming water waste treatment ponds into recreational wetlands, which is a bonus for us birders.

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    • Thanks Ashley, but this is Carol (BJ)😅. Donna’s comment was right before yours😉. This location is awesome, much larger than our two nearby south Palm Beach county constructed wetlands, Green Cay and Wakodahatchee – very same premise. We once had visitors from Panama at Green Cay, where I volunteer, who were researching how to create something similar in Panama 🇵🇦! It’s a perfect combination of efforts for multiple purposes.

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  3. A terrific post on what I think is one of our most handsome raptors! Wonderful photographs.

    Orlando Wetlands is a great place to spend a day – or three. Seems like there is always something surprising just waiting for us to discover.

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