Mottled Duck’s morning toilette ๐Ÿ’ฆ

D1925939-D77B-4302-A75E-7827CCF60C81_1_201_aThis spot looks just right . . . 127F0BAD-5018-4C92-8767-45D89D2C376A_1_201_aMake sure no one else is around . . . B94CE15F-0382-46DE-B532-3F23F1BC5EBB_1_201_aFirst, a little sip . . . E464F369-F9C0-4632-A235-AFBDFC536E02_1_201_aSome basic preening . . . 35A0B6D0-FAB7-42FD-A361-CFBA315324A3_1_201_aFreshening up my head feathers . . .64F1BA5C-21C3-4EF6-AFD1-66E208A2EFAB_1_201_aAhhh, now for a quiet little swim . . .F9D85E1B-8AC5-4BBB-9A0C-AFB5AB1400E8_1_201_aWho’s this interloper rushing over?!?!2854C51B-13A5-48D2-8B3F-F338E76FE09F_1_201_a“May I join you. . . . ?”  “Well. . . I guess not!”

‘The Florida mottled duck is one of the only species of ducks in North America that does not migrate’ (University of Florida/IFAS). Learn more about Mottled Ducks, a Florida native, here on eBird and also at All About Birds.


27 thoughts on “Mottled Duck’s morning toilette ๐Ÿ’ฆ

  1. Your narrative is perfect for the images. Definitely a handsome chap with a great sense of finesse. I wonder why the interloper left so hurriedly, and an impressive take-off from the surface of the water!


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