Master of disguise

I waited and waited for this American Bittern to emerge a bit more into the open so I could get a better shot, but to no avail. This medium-sized heron is an expert at blending in with his marshy surroundings.  I’ve sometimes featured these stealthy Bitterns with better photos in previous posts here on Birder’s Journey, but on this occasion, I’m just happy to share a glimpse of him!4F8CE490-3083-4736-8280-1001483ACF87_1_201_aCheck out the really cool info on American Bitterns at both All About Birds and eBird and be sure to listen to the recordings of their rather otherworldly vocalizations!

33 thoughts on “Master of disguise

  1. I love how they will stand very still straight up like it’s a reed and I bet thinking the whole time, ” You can’t see me, nope, you can’t see me!”
    They blend in so well! You got a pretty good look at this one in the reeds and grass well done!

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  2. I agree with Wally: any picture of a least or American bittern is a success.But just to get a good picture of these birds with the lens of my eye is a beautiful thing. Both bitterns are quite beautiful to look at. Great job,BJ!

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