Hungry nestlings

  • E34AD264-0473-49B1-9486-9A08B96C2DED_1_201_aThese tiny Great Egret chicks were barely visible past the thick foliage 2+ weeks ago! ☺️7F80AAEC-230D-4D9B-892F-FC4226E5BC2F_1_201_a9A10120C-F43B-4E5A-A660-E7E801E13C61_1_201_aI went back to this spot last week to see how much they’ve grown, and could barely see a head popping up in the leaves! I’m not sure if all three chicks are still there.6D75CD03-977E-4749-8DE7-C0F3251B6B7DThe Great Egret‘s nesting period is only about 3+ weeks or so, and they begin to fly on their own at 6-7 weeks. Hopefully I’ll still be able to catch sight of the youngsters the next time I go! (AudubonAll About Birds).

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