Solitary Wader

‘Strikingly slender’, according to Audubon, the Tricolored Heron is an active lone forager in marshes, swamps and other bodies of shallow water. Very common in the Southeast United States, it’s one of our most abundant year-round Florida wetland birds.

Same lovely bird, but in breeding plumage this time! Still known to some as the Louisiana Heron, the Tricolored has a very long, dagger-like bill (All About Birds) with which it grabs its prey. Check out more cool stuff about Tricolored Herons on eBird!!

26 thoughts on “Solitary Wader

    • I guess they were all previously called Louisiana Herons. Then they change the name officially but some people still use that name. Maybe they still call them Louisiana herons in Louisiana?!


  1. We don’t get the tri-colored heron on the west coast, and whenever I’m in their territory, I am enthralled with their beauty and behavior. Your photos did a great job of highlighting their loveliness, BJ, and how wonderful that we get to see the breeding plumage here, too.

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