Quick courtship

The Tricolored Herons did their best to attract some attention in their showy breeding plumage.

The two photos above were taken last week, and the photos below were taken this past week.

Lots of Tricolored Heron parents are already busy keeping their lovely blue eggs cozy!

If you’re a Tri-colored Heron, who does what? 

“Females construct nests out of sticks and vegetation collected by the males. . . . Females lay between three to five eggs and both parents share incubation duties.  Eggs hatch approximately 21-25 days after being laid (LaLonde 2003).  The young remain in the nest until they are approximately 35 days old.” (Florida Fish and Wildlife; my emphasis in bold)

32 thoughts on “Quick courtship

    • Thanks, Steve. It could be that a third egg is just hidden in the nest behind the sticks – good question. There are so many active tricolored heron nests now, I’ll have to try to find the same one and see how many eggs I notice next time. πŸ˜‰

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