Still nest building in May

This powerful Wood Stork has flown to the very top of a tall cypress tree to get just the perfect branch to take back to the nest.  Even though it was the end of May when I took these photos, the Storks were still busy raising their young in our local wetlands.“The Wood Stork is one of Florida’s signature wading birds, a long-legged, awkward-looking bird on land that soars like a raptor in the air (Florida Audubon).”During ‘The Season’ (winter/spring) here in Palm Beach County, people flock to the boardwalk to watch as the adult Wood Storks fly back and forth, bringing nesting materials back to their families. fullsizeoutput_3104Much as I love Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, I believe this sign above is a bit outdated. I would venture to say the Wood Storks are now nesting in Palm Beach County in greater numbers than perhaps anywhere else. For details, see this very informative Palm Beach Post articlefullsizeoutput_3176In the past several years, Wood Storks have absolutely taken over nearly all the nesting trees in our local Wakodahatchee Wetlands, crowding the Herons and Egrets of all kinds, as well as Anhingas and Cormorants. A “bonanza” for the Wood Storks, and for us! 

16 thoughts on “Still nest building in May

    • Thanks, Berny! Dynamic is a great word for them, and we’re so lucky that we see so many of them every year! Did you see the link to the really interesting article in Forbes that I just posted in reply to another comment?


      • Something funny happened with my comments, only half of it went through to you. But it doesn’t matter now. I was a bit disappointed with Corkscrew Swamp, good thing I was with my wife and son and made it better. Thanks, Carol. 🙂


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