Preening Snipe

A month ago, I wrote a post here about this unique and special little bird, the Wilson’s Snipe. Some weeks later, this Snipe – along with at least 2-3 of his friends – were still ‘hanging out’ in the very same spot right next to the boardwalk.

On this particular day, the Snipe was thoroughly enjoying a preening session. I love the many colors and patterns of its beautiful tail feathers β™₯️

Check out my blog post in early January to learn more from the Audubon and All About Birds websites about the appearance, habitat, and behavior of the Wilson’s Snipe.

Although my husband let me include his cool little iPhone video above, I wasn’t able to catch the Snipe flying. But you should definitely listen to this terrific Bird Note episode to hear more about the flight and unique sounds of the Wilson’s Snipe!

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