16 thoughts on “Nurturing caregivers

  1. Mesmerizing!!!!

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    On Sun, Apr 10, 2022 at 4:00 PM Birder’s Journey wrote:

    > Birder’s Journey posted: ” Great Egrets were keeping close watch on their > eggs when I began this post. I went away for two weeks, and now the new > chicks are already growing fast! I’d better get back to take some photos > before the little ones fledge! ” >

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    • Yes it is, AB! I was just thinking this morning how big some of the babies are getting and yet some of them are still just little bobbleheads. And in no time at all they will be on their way, taking off independently.


  2. You have captured an important stage of the lives of birds. When birds, they reproduce and completely their cycle of life, they contribute to Nature and Hashem! Lovely photos my dear Carol. 🙂

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