Hmmm, so you say you’re a Pelican . . .

IMG_1161One overcast morning, the Brown Pelican appeared to be the largest of all the birds wading at the Refuge.IMG_1178But when he approached the VERY large White Pelican, the big guy called out to his friends, “Hey guys. . . . This little fellow says he’s a Pelican, too!” ๐Ÿ˜€IMG_1240IMG_1145“Hmmmm. . . . . Let’s go check this out.”IMG_1184A second White Pelican arrived to assist in the inspection.  IMG_1207As the deliberations continued, the young Brown Pelican just sauntered off, happy to be a different kind of Pelican ;-).

20 thoughts on “Hmmm, so you say you’re a Pelican . . .

    • Good question, Sue! The brown pelicans are here year-round, but the white pelicans are a real treat! They come through Florida while migrating to Central and South America during the winter months.

  1. Thanks for taking us on this adventure to the refuge, BJ. I like seeing the size differences of the pelicans, a bird I never tire of watching. Best wishes for a happy new year!

    • Hope all is well with you, Jet! I’ve been away from WordPress again and really need to catch up on news from my fellow bloggers. Wishing you a safe and tranquil new year filled with all good things!

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